There are 2 or 3 croupiers in a game of roulette, depending on how many fields there are on the table, 1 or 2. Ideally the table should have 2 fields, either side of the wheel, so there are twice as many players playing for large stakes. This is the only difference and everything else should be the same, including the layout.

One of the main questions for every gambler is: “In which casino can you really win and take the money away?” There are lots of these casinos. Most of them, valuing their reputation, regard their clients’ wins as important and pay out honestly.

How does one win at roulette? This is a question many generations of gamers have attempted to answer. Of course in recent times an enormous number of very different kinds of games have appeared, and roulette has relinquished its number one spot. But it remains in the top five most popular games of chance in many countries, and so virtual fans and lovers of offline casinos are trying to find a unique way to be able to win at roulette, and in order to do so they are considering complex mathematical calculations, combinations and systems, as well as strategies within the game.


The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays

Looking for the latest news on the new video slot coming from the NetEnt software company? NetEnt has recently released a teaser trailer that has every player around the globe sitting on the edge of the seat wanting more information! This fantastic game is right around the corner, if everything goes to plan, but some players are just dying for more information about the newest game that should be able to be played by players September 21st, which is certainly not so far away at all!

Cluster Pays for Rewards: The Legend of Shangri-La

For players out there that are already huge fans of the NetEnt software designers, the word Cluster Pays is probably not a new one. For those are not informed when it comes to this neat little feature, this is a feature that has yet again been proof that NetEnt is one of the best companies at thinking outside of the box. Thanks to this feature, players are able to be rewarded with coin wins that are received when the player has symbols that landed vertically or horizontally.

Special Features Presented in The Legend of Shangri-LA

This game has been guaranteed to have the Free Spins feature we all know and love, which we all expected it to have, but the theme of the game seems to be a pretty big mystery when one takes a look at the roadmaps that are provided by the NetEnt software providers. However, the big giveaway for the theme is the name of the game, which makes sense if you think about it. This means that the game is believed to be based off of the Himalayan Valley in the fictional story that was written by the author James Hilton. Of course, this book was from 1933, so it will be interesting to see exactly how the whole game ends up playing.

Of course, because of the predicted theme many were able to guess easily that the backdrop for the game would be quite peaceful and full of many colors. However, there are some features that many were not able to guess, and that is where things start to get a little interesting, with features that include Nudge Reel, Sticky Re-Spins, Free Spins, and Random Substitutions.

The Long Wait for The Legend of Shangri-La Slot

This game is sure to be a hit with every player around the world, even those who have never before played a NetEnt game, simply because this software provider is known for their great creations and their innovative solutions, making them easy to trust with the creation of great games. Many players are wondering how they are going to stand the wait for this new and exciting game, The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays. This is simple, players should just keep up on their visits with the NetEnt Casino during the time of the release or around it and they should have fun with the many benefits and features provided by the casino!