Is it Possible to win at Roulette

How does one win at roulette? This is a question many generations of gamers have attempted to answer. Of course in recent times an enormous number of very different kinds of games have appeared, and roulette has relinquished its number one spot. But it remains in the top five most popular games of chance in many countries, and so virtual fans and lovers of offline casinos are trying to find a unique way to be able to win at roulette, and in order to do so they are considering complex mathematical calculations, combinations and systems, as well as strategies within the game.

Is it Possible to win at Roulette  in an Online Casino?

If you have asked yourself this question then you must know that it is possible to play in an online casino in collusion with good friends or partners. You must also take into account what popular and effective strategies exist at the present time.

First and foremost you need to understand the possibilities, advantages and differences of playing in the internet:

  • You can play without even leaving the comfort of your home;
  • You can have a huge number of free spins for real money;
  •  It is precisely online that you can apply various strategies, experiment and take risks while betting progressively.

 So, it is possible to play and beat an online roulette table and at the same time create optimal conditions to employ different combinations and strategies.


  • If you get three identical numbers in a row;
  • If you get 14 numbers of the same colour (these may be large/small numbers or even/odd numbers);
  • If you get 12 numbers in a row from the same dozen;
  • If you get 10 numbers in a row from one six line.

It is playing online that allows you to place bets in real time (“live”). If an internet casino wins consistently, the player will see this as a fraud and not as his own tedious bad luck. The online player is permitted to observe the game via a webcam and follow the whole intriguing process in all its detail.

If a player is winning a game, he can use probability theory and mathematical statistics. It is the free, multiple spins of the internet roulette wheel that help in selecting various number sequences. An important particularity of the online version is that the player can observe the numbers coming up without betting first, but simply following the game.

Thus the player can wait for what he sees to be an ideal situation to use his winning strategy (e.g. 3 identical numbers, 10 blacks, etc.), at the same time not wasting real money. Note that this is only possible with internet casinos!

If we want to investigate in more detail, let’s imagine an ideal situation for being able to attempt to win at roulette. We shall play our game with low chances of winning (e.g. betting on dozens). We observe the numbers coming up and the dealer himself (for the so-called “free spins”). We can wait for a situation where a dozen doesn’t come up 7, 8, 9, 10 times, after which we can already bet on a dozen not coming up. We double the stake if we are unlucky, and if we are unlucky a second time, we double the stake once more. Note that this can only be done in an online casino.

NetEnt allows you to make a Quick Spin (to spin the wheel quickly). In the online version this helps when you need to achieve the probability of a specific number coming up as quickly as possible. Having this function, it becomes significantly easier to work out the right selection of necessary number sequences. It is worth noting that the game does not become simply a demonstration or background game. A real casino does not have this function. No one can ask the croupier for a Quick Spin so you can monitor it hundreds of times. With an online casino you can wait as long as you consider necessary to use your winning tactic.


We shall examine the best-known methods allowing the roulette wheel to be beaten.

Progressive betting

This is a traditional method, used by many generations of gamblers. First you make a small (the table’s minimum) bet on a specific (black or red) colour. If you lose, you increase the bet every time until the colour you bet on comes up. Result: we have a clear win, equivalent to the minimal stake. This works regardless of how many spins it takes for the player to win his stake back.

Obviously such a win is not huge, but many gamblers use this strategy. Less but more often is better! The advantage here is that in using this system to play roulette, the wager (a specified number of bets) is made for bonuses and is won back very quickly. The bonus money also gives the player an advantage further in the game. However, casinos have been able to find a means of fighting this tactic. This is achieved by limiting the minimal stake, and at the same time strictly regulating the size or amount of the stake (only certain sums may be staked).

We shall now talk about how online casinos have learned with relative success to fight this system, known as the Martingale system. Developers create programs which catch gamblers betting consistently on only one specific colour (black or red).

How to beat the system

You need to use a system of empty spins in order to find the necessary sequences.

For example: online, a certain player takes free spins of the ball for real money. After 10 or more spins the player looks out for dozens, colours and columns.

If the user sees that one dozen or a certain colour comes up, he can bet on the opposite, i.e. he begins to place bets on the opposite outcome (the other colour, 2 columns, etc.). In the event of a loss, the stake must be doubled.

The quick spin function helps when you need a specific number of spins without placing a bet.

This allows you to save time and also to estimate and select the longest number sequences. You can learn more about different systems of progressive betting by reading about roulette wins which have used the Fibonacci or Martingale systems.

Strategy: playing in collusion against the dealer
To begin with we need to understand what a wager is. Essentially, a wager is the number of bets needed to cash in bonus sums. To find out more details, read the article in the relevant section.
So, so-called “collusion” games are popular online casinos. First, two players at the same table bet on opposing variants (column, colour, dozen). The idea of the collusion is to be able to win the wager back as soon as possible, and the profits from the remains of the bonus money are shared.


Version 1. Players make arrangements with each other personally using social networks, Skype or other instant messaging systems. The collusion involves placing counter bets at a certain time. When the bonuses are received from the establishment, each player must access his online casino account. The accounts are connected to the same network, and when they are connected to the same table they can work together against the dealer. The players place counter bets: one player bets on black, the second on red, and zero is slightly covered. By betting using this set up, one of the players will win the bonus and the money will end up in his account. The problem with using this method is that online casinos place high wagers on bonuses won. The profit will only be approximately a fifth of the bonus from the deposit of 2 players.

Version 2. The first player makes a deposit in the first club and receives the maximum possible bonus on this first deposit. The second player does the same in the second club. The 2 clubs must be connected to the same specific network of online casinos. An example: each of the players makes a deposit of 300 Euros and each of them are accordingly given 300 Euros in bonus money. So, the overall outlay is 600 Euros, and the accounts of each player also hold 600 Euros (300 deposit + 300 in bonuses). Then they connect to the same online roulette table. The first player bets all his 600 Euros on red and the second puts 550 on black and 50 on zero.

Let’s look at a simplified model. The ball stops and we have results.

If RED comes up, the first player wins 1200 Euros and the second accordingly loses 600 Euros. The first player wins the sum from the wager and the video slots (with 98% return).

If BLACK comes up, the second player wins 1100 Euros and the first player loses 600 Euros. In this case the second player wins the wager on the video slots and takes the money.

If ZERO comes up (it is worth noting that zero may come up quite often if the game is played on high probability: colour, even/odd, etc.). The second player gets 1800 Euros, wins the wager from the slots and takes the winnings.

We will tell you separately about examples of selecting wagers efficiently and the more productive use of bonuses. There are also instructional videos which will help you understand quicker the system of play in online casinos.

Play, win, connect your brain and use other people’s ideas to beat the casino. We wish you luck, and may your hobby bring you not only thrill of gambling, but also a significant income.

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