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There are 2 or 3 croupiers in a game of roulette, depending on how many fields there are on the table, 1 or 2. Ideally the table should have 2 fields, either side of the wheel, so there are twice as many players playing for large stakes. This is the only difference and everything else should be the same, including the layout.

One of the main questions for every gambler is: “In which casino can you really win and take the money away?” There are lots of these casinos. Most of them, valuing their reputation, regard their clients’ wins as important and pay out honestly.

How does one win at roulette? This is a question many generations of gamers have attempted to answer. Of course in recent times an enormous number of very different kinds of games have appeared, and roulette has relinquished its number one spot. But it remains in the top five most popular games of chance in many countries, and so virtual fans and lovers of offline casinos are trying to find a unique way to be able to win at roulette, and in order to do so they are considering complex mathematical calculations, combinations and systems, as well as strategies within the game.

If we are talking about European roulette, there is a larger probability that the systems and strategies will work. In the American version of the game the chances are lower, because there is not just 1 zero, but also a double zero. The casino’s edge in the case of a single stake is 5.26%. There are more possibilities for a single bet, but the amount won remains the same. In European roulette there is 1 zero, and the casino’s edge is 2.7%. Correspondingly the strategy here works with greater probability.

There are 2 different kinds of playing system in American roulette: progressive strategies and non-progressive. The idea of the progressive system is that the amount of each stake is determined by the wins or losses of previous bets (depending on the outcome of the previous game further stakes may be lower or higher).

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