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Rating Bitcoin online casinos

Online Casino Ranking on Bitcoin

When choosing an online casino, a player wants to get all the best features in one place: desired functionality (variety of games, currency, etc.), reliability, stability and speed of payouts, pleasing visual effects. Therefore, casino ranking should be considered when looking for a place to play - it is the surest way to hit the target right away. Monitoring companies that specialize in the gambling market offer qualitative research to help players quickly identify the most reliable and credible online establishments. On this page we offer you to get acquainted with online casino ranking on Bitcoin.

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History of development of Bitcoin currency in the world and in gambling

Bitcoin - a decentralized cryptographic currency, first released in 2009. Although its origin dates back to 1983, the completed version of the code was published only in 2008.

In 2009, the Bitcoin exchange rate fluctuated between 700 and 1,600 units per dollar; in 2010, the first service for buying Bitcoins was launched - Bitcoin Market. That same year the number of cryptographic currency users skyrocketed and 10 thousand cryptographic units were evaluated at 600 dollars. In 2011, one Bitcoin was worth around one USD, and Bitcoin began to be viewed as a possible replacement of standard currencies. Google considered the possibility of creating its own currency called Google Bucks.

The currency has gained immense popularity among investors, and has risen to the top of the world's electronic payments systems list, and is now occupying a leading position in the gaming industry.

Bitcoin offers many advantages to the gambling industry:  

  • Complete anonymity.
  • Instantaneous transfer of funds between wallets; absolutely transparency of all transactions. Transfers are based on the peer-to-peer principle - funds go directly from once account to another.
  • Unlike when working with banks, there are no unreasonably high fees, because casinos have much lower costs of transferring currency.
  • Paying taxes and excise duties, persistently imposed on the gambling market by the public sector, can be bypassed.
  • Enhanced security of financial assets and personal information data. All funds are stored directly on the player's PC. No one has access to the client's confidential information.
  • There is no need to wait for the expiry of the deposit or receipt of the payout.
  • There are no intermediaries.
  • Funds cannot be frozen by authorities, because they have no access to Bitcoins.

This is by no means an extensive list of all advantages of this cryptocurrency, but they pinpoint the benefits of choosing an online casino on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has marked a new milestone in the history of gaming, providing not only an additional promotional campaign, but also an opportunity to bypass any legal issues regarding gambling for real money.

In countries where the authorities put restrictions on financial transactions in the virtual network and blacklist gaming resources, this cryptocurrency is particularly useful, because it cannot be banned or controlled.

Casino ranking criteria

Regardless of the criterion based on which online casinos are being classified, each of them affects the position an establishment is occupying in the ranking:      

  • Licensing confirmed by authoritative regulatory bodies.
  • Electronic control systems that ensure fair gameplay.
  • Efficient customer support that can be contacted via standard methods of communication.
  • Multiformity of the establishment and adaptability to different languages.
  • Advanced bonus system, tournaments and draws, loyalty programs, etc.
  • Methods of depositing funds and speed of payouts.
  • Possibility to play for Bitcoin currency.
  • Operating speed, software quality, etc.

Listed are only the key factors taken into account when compiling a list of the best online casinos with the possibility to play for Bitcoins. However, the ranking is influenced by other factors, including, but not limited to game assortment and its quality. Reviews is also a very important criterion - users' feedback is being continuously monitored.

Be aware that ranking is very dynamic - at any moment the resource can change its position, as changes in all available criteria are being constantly tracked. Due to continuous research of the gaming market, the top ten online casinos are the best representatives of the gambling world.

Stay up to date with news from the gambling world, published by field-specific Internet resources, and keep up with developments and new rankings.

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